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personal injuries. Another major factor that will
damage your circuit boards is the surge and
overcharge that come out of your electric plant
(electrical discharge), or that are generated
inside your facility. Before doing an important
investment of electronic equipment, it is
extremely important to conduct an evaluation
of your electrical system. Such evaluations will
help you to insure your investments and save
you time and money in the long-run.

 Having the proper work done right the first
time can help you avoid damaging your
equipment, loss of productivity, excessive cost
of labor, and injuries in the future. Neutron
Electric Inc. offers safety to
the general public, and helps our clients
become prepare for any unexpected crisis.
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Neutron Electric LLC
 If you continually have production lines shut
down without an explanation, trouble at PLC
controls, burning of circuit boards, and light-
bulbs going bad (especially during an
electrical thunderstorm or cloudy days), then
you have a challenge of Energy Quality.
Neutron Electric Inc. has the perfect
solutions to your problems….

 For the passed years we have managed on
detecting and correcting these problems of
Energy Quality to perfection. We will give you
a detailed diagnosis of the causes, and
several options for an effective solution. All
our recommendations will consider the
minimal cost of investment that will solve the
emergency. We think that our best client is a
customer educated in the challenges of
Energy Quality. As a result, we are always
available to explain and teach our clients the
details of all possible solutions. For no
reason will we put our commercial interests
before yours.

 An important reason for witnessing drop of
Energy Quality is mainly caused by bad
electrical ground connections. By performing
regular maintenance and equipment tests,
you become fully aware of the hidden
problems in your electrical system before
they can become a disaster. In effect, this
can help you from preventing any expensive
failures, unscheduled outages, and most
“We deliver solutions for you electrical and telecommunications needs!”